The Latina Giving Circle of San Diego brings together a community of San Diego’s Latinas who want to uplift, celebrate and share the philanthropic traditions and values of the Latino community.

OUR MISSION is to ignite the power of the Latina connection through giving, leadership, service and networks.

We believe that Latinas are important to the success of our region; we believe in the power of collective giving; and we believe that creating an inclusive network of wise, generous, and connected Latinas will create positive change for all in San Diego County.

Members of the Latina Giving Circle Leadership Council, Rosa Robles and Yolanda Rodríguez Ingle

Are you interested in becoming more involved in the Latina Giving Circle? 

Would you like to serve your community, grow an organization and develop your own leadership while getting to know and working alongside some of the most dynamic women in our community? 

The LGC is organized by a committee structure...more.

What's Going On at the Latina Giving Circle?

On November 14, 2013, over 70 Latinas from across the region convened at Liberty Station in Point Loma to officially launch the Latina Giving Circle of San Diego. This event was the culmination of months of work by a small group of women who believed in the idea that bringing Latinas together in a network of sharing, growing and giving was good for the Latino community and good for the region as well.

While the structure and programs of the LGC would need to be defined and created over the coming months by the LGC's new members, the vision was crystal clear...more